Up Up and Away by Highly Sprung

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Up, Up and Awayis a fantastical story of discovery, from school to the sky and back again...

Jo is mis-understood… by nearly everyone, friends (if he had any), teachers, even mum and dad…

Everyone keeps telling Jo that he is just… ‘different’… that he doesn’t fit in. So, when a mysterious red balloon floats by, Jo is given the chance to fly away into the sky above and he doesn’t think twice about going.

Once in the clouds, Jo meets a host of colourful, strange and intriguingcharacters, who are the most ‘different’ kind of people he’s ever met. Together they embark on a cloud hopping, star jumping,stratospheric adventure and teach Jo that sometimes being ‘different’ is the best thing in the world.

A new full length production produced specifically for audiences of children and their families, Up, Up and Away brings together innovative and playful design in costume, puppetry and set.

Up, Up and Away creates a sense of magic, beauty and intrigue for the children who see it. They associate with the story of Jo, who doesn’t fit in, who is different. Through Jo’s journey ‘into the clouds and down again’ children learn how to celebrate each person’s individuality, uniqueness and diversity.

Highly Sprung’s high energy performance style, introduces a unique flying machine that allows action to play out right above the heads of the audience. The performance also offers an interactive experience for audiences, putting them close to the action and immersing them in the story as it develops.

 Age Guidance - 5+

 “Leaving every child feeling treasured and with a beautiful moral to the story, it will awaken the magic in everyone” ????? The Reviews Hub

“A truly unique experience, this is a perfect treat for families” Families Online

Forest Arts Centre | Wed 06 Nov 2019 - 10.30am (public performance) 1.30pm (schools performance) 

Tickets are just £6.00 and are available from Forest Arts Centre Box Office by calling:

0300 555 2898

or by Booking Online here




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